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Comments on my RoE from a place I worked at in October 2012. Couldn't agree more: they were not a good fit for me.
Comments on my RoE from a place I worked at in October 2012. Couldn’t agree more: they were not a good fit for me.

Someone once said to me that we spend over two-thirds of our waking hours at work, and he’s right. We see our boss more than we see our parents and we spend more time with our co-workers than friends and family members. He also added that we should like the work we do if we are going to spend so much time there.

He’s right. I’ve seen people take jobs for the money, even at the companies I’ve worked for, and they did not stay for long. In the case of my past employment, it was never about the money, but the fact I enjoyed working at the job. The fact my last full time position ran for 17 years showed I really liked working there.

I’ve had other jobs in the past that were not about I.T. but were just as enjoyable. In one of my blog posts I mentioned I worked at the Eglinton Theatre when I was younger, and though it had nothing to do with computers and paid minimum wage per hour, I enjoyed working there as well. The management and co-workers were great, the theatre was clean and had a classy art deco design to it, and it was close to where I lived. When I was asked by one of the assistant managers to clean vomit from a customer off the staircase, I did it without reservation because I liked my job THAT much to be willing to carry out that request.

I made the mistake of quitting that job to work for another assistant manager when he quit to become the new manager of another theatre. He offered me more money per hour, which I thought was a good reason to quit. What a bad move that was. The theatre, though newer and more modern, was ugly, the commute was horrible, and I soon found out what an absolute pig my new boss was. When he screamed at me during a staff meeting in front of the other co-workers because I brought up a suggestion counter to one of his ideas, I quit right then and there. Clearly not an enjoyable place to be.

I gave up a fantastic job for the wrong reason, but I never forgot the lesson learned that day. That lesson is still my #1 requirement even now as I struggle to find a job in this tough jobless economy. I know I said I’m willing to do any type of work, but if the job is going to be at a workplace where I’m going to be miserable, I won’t take it.

That above point segues nicely into the image embedded in this blog post. Some of you may remember the time I wrote about the job that broke my 1000+ days of unemployment, yet I quit it anyways. The image is a scan from my Record Of Employment with the company that had that awful training course that was quite literally a pain in the neck. I knew I wasn’t going to be happy working there  as the training course served as a harbinger of how the company treated it’s employees

I hope you fellow job-seekers who are reading this will remember this lesson as well.  I know you all have bills to pay and food to put on the table, but I implore you to be true first to yourself and not the wallet. If you end up forgetting that, you won’t stay long at that job and you’ll be right back looking for work. After all, the effort to find a job includes making sure you don’t have to do so again, at least not for a long time if you can help it.

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