A Bit Of Bitter With Your Next Meal

Erin Wotherspoon
I guess I would smile like that if I was about to have a nice free meal in an expensive restaurant. That is, if I was the type of person to use people for their money.

Before I begin, if this entry appears somewhat hurried, it’s because my high-speed Internet access goes offline after 13 years on October 31st and I’m not sure how wordpress.com renders on a 56K dialup modem, which is what I will be mostly using until after my move to Kitchener is done.

Despite the fact I have my hands full packing up for my move to Kitchener, this is still a blog about my job search. While I have referenced some parts of my relocation in the context of employment seeking (geographical relocation to find work), I know if I keep writing about my move, I’ll lose the blog’s raison d’etre. So, without further ado, here comes the shift of gears in three, two….

I’ve written a few blog posts  (and recorded a few episodes on my YouTube channel “David Needs A Job”) about how I had to change my worldview parameters in order to find employment. Having said this, that does not mean I’ve tossed the ethical and moral compass that makes me a good person out the window. I won’t commit a crime (kill, steal, defraud) in order to get a job, even if it made me a millionaire.  I also would not do anything that puts anyone else at a disadvantage or harms them emotionally or betrays their trust in me. That line I’ve talked about that keeps moving from time to time will never get over the titanium wall my ethics and morality is represented by. That’s how I was raised by my parents, and how I will roll until my time is up on this mortal world.

Some people don’t follow the same script I do, and will do things to people in order to get something out of it, such as a free meal. Meet Erin Wotherspoon, an actress who dates men in order to get a free meal. Not to find that special someone, but to eat in that special somewhere. Special as in a high-end restaurant. We are not talking McDonald’s or Timmy’s here. In her own words, “My purpose is to eat in really nice restaurants on dates”. To add a bit of salt in the wound (from the perspective of the date who later finds out that it was his wallet she was interested in), she blogs about the date on her Tumblr blog.

I could call her a term that best describes a woman who is interested in a man only for his money so she can have things she normally cannot afford herself. I’m not going to do that. Maybe she is a nice person who is involved in charities and is a good friend to others and someone her family is proud of (aside from what she is doing). Because I don’t know for a fact if she is indeed a nice person as described or true to form per the term I was speaking about. I will instead respond by saying this: despite the worst moments of my unemployment where I was facing the prospect of eviction unless I skipped a few things (including a meal), I never used anyone in order to pay my way. I either did without and drank a lot of water or found a less enjoyable yet affordable dinner to stop the rumbling in my stomach.

There’s another reason why I would no do what Ms. Wotherspoon would do and it has nothing to do with my aforementioned ethical and moral compass. It has something to do with consequences. Sure, I could use someone to pay my dinner for me, and in a nice place no less, but I also know that even if I didn’t care what people thought of what I did,  some things you did in the past can come back to bite you. It’s called karma. What goes around, comes around, in other words. Right now she is blogging about what she is doing, and people are spreading the word on Reddit and Facebook about what she is doing as a warning. I’m not sure she is working right now full time, but she better realize that employers use the Internet to find out information about prospective hires. Would any prospective director or even a talent agent want to deal with someone who has no qualms about taking someone for a ride just to get a free meal? I know I wouldn’t if I were in that person’s place.

In other words, she may not care if people refer to her as a bitch for doing what she is doing, but karma sure as heck can be one if the wrong person, particularly one that can offer Ms. Wotherspoon opportunities that can further her career if not savagely curtail it, reads about what she is doing. A perfect example of why, to quote the landlord I recently tendered my N9 to, we should “govern ourselves accordingly”

Thanks for reading!



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