The Get Is Going

Worst. Selfie. Ever.
But it still captured my current mood at this point of 2014.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted earlier this month.

I’ve done some temporary work, one through Ranstad Canada that went far longer than the 4 days scheduled. While it meant rescheduling a few personal appointments to accommodate the change, the Randstad assignment was worth it. It brought both a bit of income and some work history I can prattle about at my next interview.

The temporary work is one of many things that I have been doing to get some employment traction here in Kitchener. I’ve been having regular meetings with my contact at Northern Lights Employment Assistance Centre, and have been looking into the idea of going back to school (an idea I have looked into many times through Second Career only to be denied funding).

The back to school idea raised a few eyebrows with members of my family, since I am turning the big Five Oh in just a few months: what’s the point of going into debt for something that will, at best, give me 17 years of return before I retire? I mean, It’s tough enough to pay off an OSAP loan when you are in your twenties. Do I really want to consider carrying a loan on a pension? While I have not committed to anything that would cost money to take, there are free learning programs on the Internet that could show the next interviewer I’m not just sitting on my six doing nothing. For example, I registered with Codecademy to start a course on how to program in Python, and will learn other programming languages there once I’m done with that.

Despite the upbeat tone of this post (and the selfie shot), it’s not back to normal for me just yet, employment-wise. Temp work is not enough to sustain myself independently. It won’t even cover getting a new pair of glasses or filling a cavity I recently discovered. On top of that, the recent ice storm in Ontario last December has impacted the holiday season. Retailers did not make the mega Christmas sales needed to carry on in the New Year, so expect news about more layoffs with the ice-storm and the poor Christmas season cited as the cause.

I’m also still struggling with rebuilding my social network, again the ice storm playing a role in that as well. Without a robust social network in Kitchener, I’m still working at a disadvantage on that front where finding employment is concerned. You can’t find a job going at it as a lone wolf.

Despite this, my plans to get going at finding work is…well…going. Whether it continues this way on the course plotted will depend largely on my continued efforts to find work using all means necessary, with a bit of luck sprinkled in.

Thanks for reading!



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