The Other Side Of The Fence

What Unemployment ProblemRecently I was told that it was amazing that someone with my work experience was unable to find a job. This came from someone who wanted to see me for an interview. I was initially taken aback at the fact this person was not aware of how tough the economy is right now, but after some reflection I came to the conclusion that a person’s perception of the state of the economy can vary for many reasons.

For example, let’s consider the following links about February 2014’s unemployment report.

While it is all about the same story, the reporting slant was different. Anyone who read only one (but not all) of the articles would have been given a different interpretation of the economy’s performance (the worst interpretation being the Huffington Post article).  For the BNN link, I found the attached video interesting because the chief economist at Manulife was actually inferring the horrible winter weather was to blame for the unemployment figures.

It works the same way with the individual. For those people working in a recession-proof job, their response is a collective shrug and a comment of , “Recession? When did that happen?”. For job seekers like myself, we’ve all too keenly aware how bad the job market is without reading the news.

The issue of perspective is extremely important for those who have the power to do something about it yet will do nothing to act, like the government. Ever hear of a politician in danger of being laid off or fired? Of course not. They are voted in by the people on a platform full of promises that sound great in a news-byte or photo-op but lack solutions to the economic problems we face.

It just goes to show that while perspective is subjective, it’s the facts that don’t lie and what truly matters in the end.

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