Pennies From Heaven

Perhaps our parents were wrong: money might not grow on trees, but it could be freely given. Image and linked story article belong to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the authors mentioned in the link.

In my past posts on this blog and also on my video series on YouTube, I’ve argued that getting people back to work was far more than just keeping a roof over one’s head and food on the table. I’ve also stated that the unemployed make really lousy consumers. This means they will be hoarding every penny left to their name, spending only when necessary. No vacation trips, no eating out at nice restaurants, no big ticket purchases like that plasma TV or car. If consumers don’t buy, companies can’t sell. Companies cant’t sell, they don’t make money, which means they go out of business or lay off staff. This in turn results in more unemployed people who won’t buy, and the feedback loop continues. It could be successfully argued that jobs and business are symbiotically linked. One cannot exist without the other.

The unemployment situation in this country is far more than a social issue. It’s a national crisis, but it’s a tough problem to fix, because the economy is anemic and companies are not hiring. An obvious solution would be to lower the corporate tax rate and offer tax credits to companies that hire people, but some might say, “that’s just giving our hard earned tax dollars away to corporations”.

All right then, so we don’t give the money to corporations. What about social services? Bah! We already give a ton of tax dollars to welfare offices and employment assistance centers, an industry based on the misfortune of those living in poverty if not outright homeless. So far those services are not giving us the return we pay as deductions off our paycheques. I can tell you as a job seeker I am less than satisfied with the services I’ve paid for over the years. Maybe that money should go somewhere else. According to the following article, that somewhere is basically everyone.

At first glance, it sounds insane. Give everyone free money, no strings attached? Crazy talk! But as the expression goes, it’s so crazy it just might work.

Think about it. Instead of dumping money into a bloated government bureaucracy that costs hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billions) per year yet produces little results, eliminate the middleman and put it in our pockets. What would each person do with the money? It’s fair to argue that some might just blow it on drugs or booze and end up killing themselves, but it was not the money that killed them: those people self-destructed. Others might put it toward rent and food, and not have to worry about getting sick from not eating properly or from exposure to the elements. Accumulated over time, that money could be spent to start a business or go back to school, which would lead to a more comfortable standard of living. From that, expect healthy consumerism to follow: vacations, TVs, computers, cars, boats, eating out. Increased consumerism means business growth, which equals more jobs created and less reliance on this stipend.

The domino effect that comes from everyone suddenly having this money is easy to see. No need for student loans. No more old-age pensions. Reduced medical costs. More tax revenue to pay for services like roads, hospitals, the electrical grid, sanitation, education, law enforcement, the military. All from this crazy idea of simply giving away free money.

It does sound crazy, but to quote Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We’ve lived under the concept of a welfare state for decades here in Canada. Do any of you see any change in the fortunes of those who are trying to keep afloat in this Age of Austerity and the jobless recovery?

We’d be crazy not to at least consider alternatives that might work. This idea could be the solution.

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2 thoughts on “Pennies From Heaven

  1. David,

    Great article! And I totally agree with many aspects of your post.

    And from my understanding and research, .. the unemployment here in Canada and globally will only get worst before it gets better; sorry to say. Unless we are willing to halt the march of technology ( very doubtful), its inevitable technological unemployment and unemployment in general must and will rise.

    Here are a couple of short videos on the “Technological Unemployment”. The first one is with the interview with two M.I.T Professors from 60 Minutes on the issue.

    Technological Unemployment | 60 minutes – ( 13 mins.) :

    The next video shows the numerous types of technology replacing various fields / professions and again why its happening.

    The Reality of Technological Unemployment – ( 38 mins.) :

    The above two videos should be enough info for anyone to appreciate and extrapolate the seriousness of the situation. In conjunction with the impact by the collapse of the housing market in the U.S., Ireland, Spain and other countries and the progressive global recession thus wiping out millions of middle-class construction and factory jobs as well; its all quite a mess no doubts.

    Thus here are the best solutions I’ve read and heard from individuals whom are unemployed or in low income : [ some ideas may seem obvious, but amazingly some ppl are unaware of them ]

    • Get out of Debt & avoid or minimize using credit
    • Declare bankruptcy (if u must – credit rating is fast becoming meaningless anyway)
    • Avoid long-term financial commitments i.e. mortgages, education loans…etc
    • Utilize free “Food & Clothing banks” and/or “Welfare” when needed ( don’t be shy, use them )
    • Eat healthier # 1 – ( avoid or minimize food from supermarket aisles ) some canned fish is ok
    • Eat healthier # 2 – Fish, Eggs,Vegetables, fruits and healthy fats i.e butter, olive.. if limited money
    • For FREE stuff check out :
    FreeCycle –
    Craigslist – ( your city) i.e. Toronto ( for sale) > free :
    Kijiji – ( your city) i.e. click “Browse Categories > Free Stuff :

    • Self Educate yourself with low cost or FREE online courses or resources
    Example, anyone can easily learn Basic Computers, Internet, Email, MS Office and more …
    Here at this site > GCF LEARNING FREE.ORG :

    • Start your own home sideline business i.e. IT Support, Babysitting, Handyman, Catering …etc
    Create a free website for your own business with these free sites :
    Jimdo :
    Weebly :

    * You can also advertise for FREE using Craigslist, Kijiji and social media i.e. Facebook

    • Eliminate home phone subscription ( replace it with cellphone )
    • Buy long distance phone cards and/or use “Skype Free” for long distance calls
    • Minimize / Eliminate unnecessary expenses i.e. addictions , car ( if you live in city) …etc
    • Eliminate Cable TV ( replace with Internet video streaming and/or video collection)
    Here is one of many internet FREE Movie / TV show sites >

    • Declutter your life & possessions – thus “Life-Editing” = more efficient time, money, space
    Watch this short video to learn more about it >

    Here is another good related piece of advice and solution , I came across, for people who want to secure themselves a home at very low cost, especially for their golden years and avoid the future unpredictable rising rents. ( If you can) buy a small cheap piece of land & a mobile home. Its far cheaper & more stable financially and secures you a home because once the mobile home is purchased you can move it if necessary and you own it unlike the standard affixed house on land. Therefore even if the Bank or Government was to repossess the land you don’t lose the home as well. People are doing this a lot in the United states that were former home owners that loss their homes and learned from the mistake. More people are progressively examining the “Tiny house movement”. Here is a documentary video below to give an idea and perhaps some inspiration.

    We The Tiny House People (Documentary- 82 mins ):

    Moreover, besides saving bits of money from employment i.e. part-time, temporary, self employment …etc., buying a lottery ticket once or twice month wouldn’t be a bad idea neither. After all, every bit helps 😉

    Lastly, the reason I offered the above solutions is due to the fact I’ve seen very little real solutions being offered to the unemployed or low wage general public from the mainstream sources, media or otherwise. Nonetheless, I hope all the aforementioned info helps to give everyone some ideas and inspiration.

    Good Luck Everyone.

    1. Hi Ed. Thanks for your comments and your links. The two links remind me of “Will Work For Free” and can be watched at I wrote a blog post about it a while back.

      It’s good to see I am doing most of the points. I would add also eating at McDonald’s on a coupon once a week from the value picks menu and going to Price Chopper’s for mcrowaveable yet surprisingly fat-friendly and sodium friendly dinners.

      I’ve made your post public as helpful tips for those who are going through the process like myself.


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