Friendly Advice?

Stock image on Workopolis article. Image and article linked by this post belong to Workopolis and the author of this article.

I moved to Kitchener nearly a year ago because I could no longer afford the Toronto apartment I lived in for 24 years. Kitchener was also chosen because family members and friends  told me it had more employment opportunities than Toronto. Based on my past difficulties in finding a job in Toronto, and having good reason to trust the advice given, I packed my things and took a chance. If you have been following my blog for the past year, you know things did not work out as planned. For those of you who are not regular readers, this post attempted to analyze what went wrong during my time in the Waterloo Region, but that in itself might not have been the end of the story. According to the following article, if  indeed accurate, it might have been better to stay in Toronto after working out a living arrangement with a friend or family member there.

When applying this article to the Waterloo Region, Waterloo rules, Kitchener was found wanting, and Cambridge is a dive. If, as musically stated in the Meatloaf song, two out of three ain’t bad, than one out of three ain’t good. The article also stated that Toronto, while not Waterloo, was a better choice over Kitchener. My success in finding more work (albeit part-time) in Toronto than in the combined tri-city area seems to support that finding.

I’m not faulting anyone for giving me advice that did not match what I experienced during my job search in the tri-city area. No one twisted my arm to leave Toronto and I was the one that made the final choice to move. Having said this, maybe I should have done a more thorough and independent review on my own, rather than let Kitchener’s puff-up by others sway me. Perhaps it all depends on the type of employment Kitchener was supposed to have better opportunities in.

Chalk it all up as a painfully disappointing learning experience, I guess……

Thanks for reading!



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