An Article Of Faith.

A picture taken of the Life For The Nations building in Cambridge, Ontario, a combination soup kitchen and church that does so much for those living in poverty.
A picture taken of the Life For The Nations building in Cambridge, Ontario, a combination soup kitchen and church that does so much for those living in poverty.

I’m just two articles into my new format for my blog, and I’ve already received a few comments about the change in style and tone. Some even suggested I should have faith and keep trying no matter what and not let things bring me down.

I chuckle whenever people tell me to have faith, since I’ve never been a religious person in the past. I’ve never understood the concept of faith, or believing in something regardless of the facts. My conclusions of what is, is come from observation and experimentation and has served me well in my information technology career of 20 years (which now seems like it was just a dream). I can’t believe in something unless I have reason (the assumed opposite of faith) to do so. For example, if someone has behaved like a jerk in the past and now claims to have changed their ways, their past behaviour is going to weigh heavily against them unless they start showing examples they have changed. I’m all for giving people a second chance, but I’ve also mentioned in past posts on this blog that I am a deeds speak person. In other words, show me.

A couple of friends in Cambridge who I’ve couch-surfed at suggested I visit a place called Life For The Nations to not only have a place to go to on those days I don’t, but also to see the power of faith in action. Run by Pastors Peter, Sonia, and Maria, and assisted by the hardest working bunch of people I’ve ever seen in my life, Life For The Nations provides assistance for those living in poverty in the form of a clean soup kitchen, compassionate counselling, and other programs to help get people back on track. It just so happens that my visit coincided with an Oktoberfest feast, of which I was invited to join in. During the meal I had a chance to talk to a few people about their situation and some of them were train wrecks, but coming to places like Life For The Nations helped them cope a little better with their situation. I also attended a religious service which was interesting in the fact that I haven’t attended one since I was a kid. I even sang, quite badly, but no one cared and, in addition to having a good talk with the pastors, it made me feel a little better about my own situation.

I’m still not sure if I got a clear understanding about faith, but I did learn that it’s not just about having faith, it’s about the good that can come from faith. Were it not for places like Life For the Nations, the people I spoke to over a meal would have less choices available to them.

For now, that’s good enough for me.

Thanks for reading!



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