Carpet Bomb

A cleaning company that wants housecleaning experience. You know, the kind of experience most people have already?
A cleaning company that wants housecleaning experience. You know, the kind of experience most people have already?

I’m a big believer in freedom of choice. This goes for businesses as well. It’s not up to me to tell anyone how to run the business they own or are responsible for. Having said this, I roll my eyes at some of those same people who complain about not finding qualified candidates, yet are responsible for their frustration by requesting outlandish qualifications.

I’ve addressed credential creep before, and also shared with you the stupidest qualification for an entry-level position, but I never took it up with the hiring company before. Well, not until this morning.

I came across the following job opening on Indeed (look at the embedded image. I’ve blotted out the company name because it’s not about starting a shame campaign), and maybe it was the cold weather getting me down or the amount of time I’ve been out of full-time work that prompted me to ask the company about the qualifications in an Email. I wasn’t rude in my Email, but I didn’t mince words either:

“I am writing to ask why do you feel it is necessary to have experience for a housecleaning job.

I mean, really: this is not rocket science. It does not take a lot of brains to clean windows, mop floors, scrub toilets, do laundry, vacuum carpets, dust furniture, disinfect kitchen sinks, polish chrome, etc.

It does not take a lot of time to train someone to houseclean. In fact, most people who were raised properly know how to houseclean. If you were asking for someone to own their own car or van, I’ll agree. But experience in housecleaning? Again, really?

If you must insist on experience, I lived alone in an apartment for 24 years before moving out. Not thrown out because I’m a dirty sloppy pig, but moved out of an apartment I kept clean, by myself, nearly every Sunday. There you go, I’m qualified.

Look, this is your business and you can run it any way you want. We live in a open democratic society, and I’m big on freedom of choice. What you are doing, however, is shutting out hardworking young people and new immigrants who want to get started but are having trouble finding a job. I think (company name).can play a leadership role by helping people like these. I’m disappointed that your business has chosen to do the opposite.


David Gay,

Not exactly career-coach recommended, but it’s my right to ask the question most job seekers always wanted to ask. You know, that freedom of choice thing I mentioned before.

If I get any replies, I’ll share them in this blog post.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Carpet Bomb

  1. David,

    I once again concur with another your brilliant articles; its spot on!

    Many offered job positions nowadays have set their standards / expectations far too high for jobs that require little or no training. This is a sad commonality. Matter of fact entry level positions ( that were meant as a starting point to gain experience) now require an average of 1-3 years experience.

    Another problem with a majority of workplaces is if an employee resigns, retires or is terminated from their position .. the business does not hire another person to fill the position generally. But instead the extra duties of that former position are distributed upon the shoulders of the remaining workforce of the business. And then when their workforce begins to buckle from the strain they then will hire a temporary / contract person( hello temp agency ) or perhaps a part-time person to ease some of the remaining workforce’s strain so they don’t lose business or profit.

    Hence, its no wonder the availability of job positions are mostly in the form of low wage, part-time , temporary (agency) or contract positions ( 3 – 6 months) whether part-time or full-time. And this is mostly what we see as jobs in the job market over the last long while. And more of these types of jobs are what’s added as “New” jobs created in conjunction with individuals whom create their own employment via self employment. This is the type of stuff we hear or see in the reported news-media.

    It should also be said the unstructured “interview process” used to evaluate candidates for job positions nowadays and for near at least the last 20 years, if not more, is actually quite an inefficient tool for its purpose of determining job performance capabilities as well as the person’s true character, according to research. Matter of fact, hundreds of studies reveal the profound limitations of the traditional interview. To learn more, visit and review the below article with its sources.

    5 Reasons Why Job Interviews are Useless :

    Lastly, if one happens to visit the above article and explores some its sourced links within you’ll learn an Aptitude test geared towards the offered job position ( this can be done online or manually like an application ) is the most efficient to determine if a job candidate has enough job skills to do the job. This in turn eliminates the need for the useless interview process as well as probably professions associated with this process too. Thus the irony of . “hello Technological Unemployment for possible job recruiters, interviewers …etc.” Or at the very least a cut in their work hours.

    Therefore the fault or lacking is probably not insomuch with job seekers in general, but rather with employer’s tendency for ludicrous high standards for offered job positions ( whether unskilled or skilled positions) and the redundant “interview process ” tool they utilize for evaluation.

    Be good to yourselves. Thanks for reading.

    In Solidarity,

  2. Hi Ed. Thank you for your great comments as always. You brought up a lot of good points in you reply.

    Your first one was the grandfathering out of positions rather than search for a replacement when someone leaves. Corporate Canada has opted to deal with HR costs in the same manner as office and canteen expenses: it’s just a figure on the expense report. It’s the easy way to keep costs down but it comes back to bite them if enough people are let go, because the unemployed make lousy consumers. I’m sure you heard at least one news article reporting holiday season spending will drop for 2014-2015. Since Christmas is the time of year where the lion’s share of sales are made, that’s not really a good thing.

    You’re bang on about the interview process being useless. My own opinion of the interview process is that it’s a product or services pitch, and I do really hate selling myself like a product. *NEW* David Version 2.0! Now with 15% more enthusiasm and willingness to work!!!

    Thanks for sharing the link and I appreciate your support and following my blog.


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