Friendly Fire

Wikicommons public domain image of dynamite. The image is used as an accompaniment to the blog topic and was submitted by the user Dynomite on August 15, 2008.

My job search hasn’t been a strain just on me, but also on others that care about me and had to deal with what I’ve gone through. Some (and thankfully the most) of those relationships were tested yet remain unbroken like a well-forged chain. Others have snapped but were later repaired through a better understanding and a willingness to both forgive and apologize.

Sometimes, though, relationships can be fractured beyond repair. Two friendships, both that lasted for a long time, ended on a bad note in 2014. I’ve tried to reach out to these two in an attempt to try to start over before the New Year. Both have decided not to respond. My text messages, Christmas cards, Emails, and voice messages remain unanswered.

I can’t say I blame them. I’m generally a kind person but being out of work for so long can make me a very angry and bitter man. I said things to them I wish I can take back. I did things to them I would have never have done to anyone in the past. It was a horrible way to thank them for the kindness they shown me and the supportive words they spoke. In my war on my unemployment, they were casualties of friendly fire. I’ve not only lost two good friends, I’ve disrespected that part of my personal history they played an important part in.

I was originally stuck for ideas for the New Year’s Resolutions I always make each New Year’s Eve, aside from “try my hardest to find work”.  Not any more. I’m adding “Keep your problem your problem“, “Remember those who help you”, and “Don’t be such an ass to others”.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. To those two friends, the door is still open.


2 thoughts on “Friendly Fire

  1. I’m sorry you lost two good friends. You are willing to take ownership for what happened and want to continue that friendship which speaks a lot about you. Friendship is a two way street though and if they don’t want to talk to you right now then move on. You got more important things to do. Maybe one day they will come back into your life and you can pick up where you left off.

    1. Purnima thanks for your comments. Most people do not realize when a person is out of work, it’s stressful and demoralizing and it can have an impact on others. I do admit I gave those two a lot of grief because of the stress but I said I was sorry and left the door open. One day I hope they will contact me to ask how I’m doing and we can rebuild from there.

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