Month: March 2015

Pause For Thought

Day 4 of homelessness and it's cold. I will manage.
Day 4 of homelessness and it’s cold. I will manage.

I apologize for not writing. The past month has been unkind and it shows in my face as you can see in this picture. 5 years of not having a full time employment has finally caught up with me and the one thing I thought I would never lose has been lost: hope. I knew I hit that moment when I told a family member it is unlikely I will survive to see 67 (that is retirement age here in Canada). My belief in my employment chances is that bleak.

I am not suicidal but after my fourth day in this latest bout of homelessness in this part of winter, and being soaked by freezing rain (hence the plastered hair), I can’t maintain such a massive job search initiative that includes this blog any further. I am so damned tired. I need to scale back, pause for thought, and take a break from things like this until I can start writing again. I did it once before, so this is nothing new.

I will be back. Once again, thanks for reading!