Drama Time

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau waves while accompanied by his wife Sophie Gregoire as he arrives to give his victory speech after Canada’s federal election in Montreal, October 19, 2015. (REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

Up until last night, Canada was at a crossroads.

Canadians were given a choice of three different futures for this country: NDP leader Tom Mulcair’s, who first began political service in the Quebec National Assembly in 1994, Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister Steven Harper’s, who has been an MP since 1993, and Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau’s, who has been an MP since 2008 and was a former drama teacher.

This country was at a crossroads because of a poorly performing economy and a jobless recovery with over 1.3 million Canadians out of work (including myself). I would have assumed steadfast fiscal responsibility over unattainable campaign promises couched in flowery language would have prevailed and either Harper or Mulcair would have won the election.

Then again, I was sure the Ontario Liberals, a scandal-ridden and incompetent provincial government, would have never been re-elected only to discover to my disgust that Ontarians are either very forgiving or suffer from memory problems.  Looks like the rest of Canada are the same way. We now have a majority Liberal government that campaigned on a platform of spendthrift promises that deliberately ignores the seriousness of our fiscal deficit and debt.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for job-creation and affordable housing. I am suffering from a lack of affordable housing and chronic unemployment after all. Despite this, as a jobseeker I know the importance of watching your dollars and cents and living within your financial means. I have to because I have very little dollars and cents coming my way with what little work I can find.

The Liberal way, as it has always been for as long as I remember putting up with their governments is to throw money at a problem and hope it goes away. That’s not how it works. Call Steven Harper a control freak, call him whatever for Bill C-51 and his handling of refugee claims, but he knew lowering taxes put more money back into the wallets of Canadians was the right way to go, especially in this Age of Austerity and the jobless recovery.

Make no mistake about it, our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will claw that back from the middle class and tax the wealthy more. That will put the breaks on hiring and impact consumer confidence as everyone starts to hoard their money after the taxman cometh and taketh away.

The backlash from this hoarding is that tax revenues will fall, not rise. He will not have the money for his platform and I and everyone else who are stuck in the hind end of this poor economy and sluggish labour market will not see more jobs and more affordable housing. We’ll just be taxed more and wondering why we elected a teacher to do the work of responsible leaders.

Canadians, you wanted a drama teacher to run this country? You’re about to get a heaping helping of drama. Expect no prosperity for this country for another four years.

Thanks for reading!


Update: For those out there who think I’m being too critical or overly harsh, I’m pulling my punches. THIS (language warning), despite it being bang on right, is not pulling punches. Did I mention it was bang on right?


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