So Now What?

Southward shot of Margaret Street, near the famous Giant Tiger store in Kitchener, Ontario on New Year’s morning. Picture taken by David Gay with permission to use provided credit is given to the author.

What a dog’s breakfast of a year I had.

I was part-time homeless. I had to give away all my stuff because I couldn’t pay the costs to keep them in storage (at least the donations to Worth A Second Look will help out others who are in the same boat as I).  I was mugged and had my laptop stolen. I can’t afford a place of my own so I couch-surfed a lot. To top it off, my inability to resolve my joblessness and be financially self-reliant has caused a rift with my family.

Happy New Year — I guess.

I was going to ask myself, “What else could possibly go wrong?” until I remembered an old saying about tempting Fate, so I keep my mouth shut.

A better question to ask  would be, “Now what?”

It’s been said a New Year is a chance to start fresh all over again. That doesn’t work in my case: I still need to resolve my jobless situation, like I tried to do last year. I also need to resolve my housing situation which I stress is temporary, lest I find myself outdoors again and back to camping at coffee shops and dozing in odd places again.

These two things are the capital, cardinal, central, chief, critical, crucial, essential, foremost, head, paramount, premier, primary, and principal concerns I need to be focused on this year.

Thanks for reading!




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