Kijiji Canada’s Need Not Apply

Kijiji Ad
The banner announcing Kijiji Canada’s attention to end the part time/odd jobs/ gig section I and many low-income earners use to make ends meet.

I couldn’t believe my eyes after I went to renew my “David Needs A Job” ad on Kijiji Canada and read the following text:

“Effective immediately, Kijiji will no longer be offering a “Resumes” category for Jobs seekers. For this reason, you can no longer post ads in this category. Existing ads in this category will disappear once they expire.

This is being done as the first step in a much-improved experience for both employers and job seekers. We found that employers were not using our “Resumes” category to its full potential, and applicants were relying on this category to search for work, instead of replying to jobs posted. We will be switching to a more traditional Jobs resource. Potential employers can post their available positions, to which jobs seekers can apply. If you are offering a service and looking for clients, we still have our “Services” categories for you to post in.

We will also be rolling out a lot of new and exciting features to help job seekers find their next job on Kijiji. For more info on this change, and for additional resources for job seekers, click here.”

In other words, Kijiji is not only turning into yet another useless service — Monster Canada — they have effectively taken away a tool commonly used by low income earners to make ends meet. The odd job. The gig. Something that I use to pay for my costs in order to get around. To survive.

Kijiji Canada now suggests people looking for odd jobs to go to the newly rejigged job sections, which they are apparently super-excited about. I’m delighted they are happy about something, seeing there’s so little joy in this half-murdered world we live in these days, but it’s clear they have no idea why people like myself used the Resumes section in the first place.

There are very few jobs out there. Of the jobs that are available, credential creep has hyper-inflated job requirements to the ridiculous point where even a cleaning job requires six months to a year of previous experience. Cleaning. Something that we all do on a regular basis.

That’s where the Resumes section came in.

The Resumes section was a pocket economy where individuals who needed things done could find individuals who needed money and were willing to work. Everyone wins. Well, except Kijiji Canada. Because I was able to post ads for free, Kijiji never saw a dime of what I made. Until now.

The new Kijiji Canada will now only be for incorporated individuals if not companies paying to post what little jobs they will make available, with masses of qualified jobseekers piling on like cats on a fish. In other words, just like how Monster, Workopolis, Simply Hired works now.

Those who have no experience, like young people facing the Catch-22 of “no experience, no work, so no experience earned”, and mature job seekers like myself who face ageism need not apply.

This is clearly a money grab on Kijiji Canada’s part. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Thanks for reading!



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