Feedback Noise

Cartoon of people arguing over something. Obtained from the Wikicommons library

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts and a few videos on YouTube and Google+ that we have a serious unemployment, poverty, and homelessness problem in the West. I’ve also mentioned that there are many reasons why they have not been resolved yet — lack of understanding of the problem, perception of the unemployed and impoverished as lazy leeches who do not want to work, and so on.


One reason I have not touched on came to light during an online debate with a few YouTube viewers about all Muslims being terrorists. I’ve always believed that people should be judged on their past actions, not because of a shared attribute such as skin color or faith. This means I don’t believe all blacks are criminals because the prison population percentage reflects this, or all Muslims are terrorists because most terrorist attacks are done by Muslims. My favourite boss was a black man and I had wonderful neighbours who followed Islam. These people were not favourites or wonderful because of their skin color or faith. They were just great people. Some YouTube users don’t share my beliefs and can be vicious and vulgar in their disagreement. When I see a debate headed in an ugly direction, I consider that debate done and stop at my end. They can go talk to themselves for all I care.

This sort of nasty one-upmanship, however, gets in the way of dealing with the problems I’ve mentioned above, because the argument itself becomes more important than the topic the argument was about. When things spiral out of control in this manner, it goes from, “I want to fix the problem” to “I want to get this guy and win the argument”.

While all this bickering is going on, those people in the unfortunate situation that everyone is arguing about sees nothing happen and wonder if anyone cares about them.

People do care, but we render ourselves both deaf and stupid when we lose control of our faculties.

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