The New Abnormal.

If there was a parallel negative universe, my doppelganger would be gainfully employed, getting along great with his family and absolutely rocking the Santa Claus look. Made with the Lunapic web service! Permission to use this image freely without restrictions provided credit is given to the author (David Alan Gay)

When my father passed away I said to my friends I had to get used to a new normal in my life. I lost a parent, someone who raised me, worked hard to ensure his family was provided for, taught me to always be a law-abiding citizen even during my darkest times.  I still miss my father dearly even after all the years that have passed, but the new normal I spoke of earlier became THE normal.

This transformative definition of what is normal for me appears to be more fluidic than I imagined, as demonstrated yesterday when a friend of mine and her boyfriend treated me to lunch and later a movie on my birthday, which was June 9th.

Since I treat my job search as an actual job, I didn’t do one that day: it is a rule of mine not to look for work on Sundays, holidays and my birthday. I slept in until 8:30 a.m., went to the library to use the wireless before being picked up by my friend and her boyfriend. We went to the Angel’s restaurant on Weber and then saw a matinee showing of Captain America: Civil War. While it was a great movie, forgive me for going full comic book nerd mode but the original Marvel miniseries it is based on is far better.

I enjoyed myself that day. My stress level was down for a change and I had a chance to really laugh and be free of worry. It also felt very weird. Abnormal.

I’m so used to waking up at 6:30 in the morning to go to Tim Hortons and later the library for what to me appears to be an exercise in futility that would rival even what Sisyphus had to put up with: my job search. I’m so used to arguing with friends and family members about having to watch my spending and why I haven’t find work yet, trying to explain to them how ageism and the jobless recovery are affecting my job search. I’m so used to doing all of that EVERY DAY it seems…normal…even though I had one day to live like a normal person should, free of this stress and not having to worry about a very uncertain and scary future.

How abnormal is that?

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