The School’s Out On This One.

I received this ad in my Email on July 4th, 2016. Not August 4, bloody damn July!

Times are tough. I’ve explained this enough times to the point of being hoarse, but it’s not just me talking about this. Look at the tons of videos on YouTube from university students lamenting how post-secondary education has become a financial sham, from mature adults enraged about  ageism in hiring, and from activists sounding the alarm about the rise of corporate fascism transcending the authority of elected governments and the rights of individuals.

However, the real “meat and potatoes” clues are hidden in plain sight. Take for example the back-to-school ads.

Back in the day when I was but a lad, these ads came out around the second week of August, before the start of the Canadian National Exposition (CNE). As of this year, if Staples continues this trend, back-to-school promotions will begin before the little brats start their summer holidays!

Why now? Why so damn early?

Let’s get back to what I said before about these being a symptom of why times are tough. Again, when I was a lad, those back-to-school ads came out in August because that’s usually when parents get their kids ready for school. In those days, jobs were more plentiful and the terms “downsizing” and “austerity” were not in everyday conversation. Consumer confidence was also much higher so wallets were easier to open up for knapsacks, clothes, and supplies.

Flash forward to now, and it’s a meaner, leaner, and more worrisome time. It’s an employer’s market now, people are VERY frightened about the increased chance of losing their jobs, and that fear is translating into more conservative spending habits. More staycations. More budgeting. This new consumer market can be a real challenge for businesses selling products and services, and clearly the cuts to retail prices isn’t luring consumers in, so what-to-do?

Simple. Start the promotions earlier and run them longer. Businesses have to do this. It’s not going to be as easy to milk the back-to-school crowd these days so they have to work harder, longer, and yes, sadly, more in our faces.

This is why you are seeing back-to-school ads the moment people are heading to the cottage, the same reason why we now see Christmas ad promotions two weeks before Halloween (as opposed to the previous date of November 1st when I was a little tyke).

We may try our best to ignore these early ads, but never ignore the reason WHY they are happening in the first place.

As I said, times are tough and people need to realize this.

Thanks for reading!



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