Blocked From GoFundMe For Being Poor

Locked Out Of GoFundMe
Not in a good mood. Apparently I am too poor to be allowed to use GoFundMe

At the beginning of July, GoFundMe Ireland took over the administration of all North American GoFundMe fundraising drives. Why this was done was something I did not care about for as long as it did not interfere with my own GoFundMe initiative: to raise awareness about my homeless situation as well as funding to be raised to help me return back to financial self-reliance and sustainability.

I guess it was too much to ask for.

I logged on my GoFundMe account dashboard to post another update, but I was blocked by a prompt asking for a telephone number for two-tier verification checking. Try as I could, I couldn’t get around it. It’s a modal window designed to receive a prompt from the user before allowing access to the frames underneath.

I’m sure you are familiar with this security feature if you use FaceBook or GMail. When enabled by choice, the telephone number you entered in your account information receives a text code sent after you try to log on. Before you can continue with your log on, you must enter that code or you are kicked out. It does not matter if the user ID and password combo is correct.

The feature is supposed to protect you if your user ID is compromised by another person who figured out your password. It’s great on paper, but to me it was never something that was needed for as long as you kept your password to yourself, made it hard to guess (don’t use your birthday for example), and changed it regularly. As I stated above, some services like FaceBook and GMail make it an optional choice. They recommend they use it, but you do not have to so it’s optional.

GoFundMe decided that was not good enough and decided to make it a mandatory feature. By doing so, they effectively killed my initiative which has raised $90 Canadian and ran for nearly a year.

How did this happen?  Let me explain.

For those who follow this blog regularly or at least have watched a few of my GoFundMe updates on YouTube, I had to cancel my mobile phone service because I could not afford to pay it on the scant amount of money I was making doing odd gigs and jobs. Some members of my family hate me for doing that, a few of my friends have complained that it was damned inconvenient for them to use Email to reach me, not to mention dangerous for me to not have one in case of an emergency. I don’t dispute the latter part but it does not dismiss the fact that I did not have the money for it. The money that was freed from maintaining that service went straight to my groceries and transit costs. I don’t regret making that decision, it saved me from a lot of health problems I would have gotten down the road for not eating properly. Anyone who disagrees with that? Well, I hope we can agree to disagree at least and you respect my right to deal with my problems my way, especially if you did not offer to foot the bill for my expenses.

But now I’m stuck at this modal window and I can’t get to my GoFundMe dashboard to post an update. I contact customer support and to their credit they were not only amazingly fast in their reply, they were very friendly in their first response:

Hi there David,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write in today. No worries, I can definitely help you with this!

To verify your account and eventually make a withdrawal, you do need to add a phone number to your account. This is called 2-step authentication and ensures that in the event your email address is compromised, your account and its funds are still secure. This is why we can’t send the code to an email address directly.

Is there a close friend or family member whose number you’d like to use instead? They’ll need to give you the code each time you log in to GoFundMe on a new device. The codes expire in 10-15 minutes so make sure it’s someone you can quickly chat with.

Please let me know how you would like to proceed and I’ll be right here to help!

Maybe this was their standard stock form they used for every reply to a customer inquiry, but it gave me some hope I could ask for an alternative or at least allow me to post a final update to my donors know not to continue to donate through GoFundMe. They said no to the alternative but went with the update, which they did for me:

Thank you for getting back to us, David.

I’m afraid you’ll need to enter this verification code before proceeding, but if you’d like, I can post that update for you!

Just let me know what you’d like to say in the update and I’ll get that added to your campaign right away.

Thanks so much,


So the update went through, and this was what I stated, my final update:

Hello all.

You may have noticed I have not been updating my GoFundMe initiative lately. This is because of a new security verification system implemented by GoFundMe that requires the mandatory use of a phone to return a verification code.

For those of you who have been following my situation, I cannot afford a phone, either smartphone or land line. Until I find someone who is local and can be trusted with my verification code of my GoFundMe initiative, I cannot access any part of this page, including posting updates, and accessing the money that has been donated to me.

This ends my GoFundMe initiative. This does not end my quest for finding full time work that will keep me off the streets, and return me to full self-reliance and self-sustainability. This is a serious setback but I will not give up. I won’t go down without a fight.

Please go to my Youtube Channel ‘David Needs A Job!’ and also my job search and homelessness blog at for continuing updates on my efforts.

I thank you for your past support

David Gay

So just like that, my GoFundMe initiative came to a screeching halt. I can’t use that service any more. I can’t even withdraw the money raised. I’m sure that will piss off the donors.

Some people may object to me using the phrase “I was blocked by GoFundMe for being poor”, arguing I was not being disciplined for having no money. The literal may be true but I cannot afford a land line or a mobile, so  I can’t use the GoFundMe services, even though I could before for the past 11 months, and had verified both my personal identity and my bank account information.  I know my user ID and password but I cannot log on due to a process GoFundMe added. I can’t afford to start up a phone service that would help me get around this and for security reasons I won’t ask for someone to access my codes.

That counts as being blocked for being poor.

The very idiocy of GoFundMe’s decision to block me defies the reason why I started the initiative on their service in the first place: I’m not financially self-reliant and self-sufficient enough to afford things without donations.

Such as rent so I don’t become homeless again.

Such as a phone that is now a requirement for using a service that was supposed to help me from not being homeless.

I’m not sure if it is some kind of example of cruel irony or hypocrisy in why GoFundMe exists in the first place, but I want to state I disagree with their decision. It’s a form of discrimination to the economically challenged, and it hurts those who only want to get out of the hole they are in through no fault of their own. Such as myself.

Thanks for reading.




2 thoughts on “Blocked From GoFundMe For Being Poor

  1. Hey David,

    Here is a possible idea or consideration.

    If you still have your mobile phone, then perhaps just keep it active via a “Pay-As-You-Go” card of $10 …etc, whenever you need an active personal phone number. In that way you have a phone number, but you only fill the phone account when you need it i.e. ” Go Fund Me”. And thus no monthly phone bill / contract commitment. This is what I’ve been doing to retain a personal phone number when needed, for the last few years.

    Furthermore, even if your mobile phone number has been inactive for awhile, you may still be able to reactivate it without a service fee by just simply adding $10 ( whatever) “Pay-As-You-Go”. Albeit, I’d call your mobile phone service/provider or check their website online to ensure you can reactivate your phone in this manner without a service fee before making any “Pay-As-You-Go” card investment , just to be sure.

    However and lastly I agree, GoFundMe’s mandatory verification feature is an unnecessary imposition of users of the service and could also give the impression of a form of discrimination to the economically challenged.

    In Solidarity,

    1. Hi Ed. Thanks for the comments. I got rid of the phone quite some time ago so that option is out. I’m using Skype but it is for outgoing calls. It is possible to receive calls but only if the other uses Skype and references me through their contact list.

      I’m still looking into options, despite this setback.

      Appreciate your readership and continued input.


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