Month: September 2016

More For Less, Revisited.

Sure. That sounds exactly what a service greeter does. Wash cars and moving vehicles to the service area. Got it.

It’s been over a month since I wrote, mostly because I’ve been very worried about my temporary lodgings. I was not sure if those who are supporting my rent would continue to do so after the end of September so I had to make arrangements to stay with other people, go back to couch surfing, or worse go back to sleeping on the buses and subways in Toronto.

I got a reprieve of sorts. It’s been extended to the end of December with planned discussions for extending it into the spring of 2017. That buys me a little time to get the word out about my chronic unemployment and my not-so-stable housing but that takes time, which is why I have not written much in this blog or even made a video on YouTube under my “David Needs A Job” channel.

While I’ll make a video tomorrow, I’ll update my blog status by revisiting a point I wrote about earlier. I just finished YABJS (Yet Another Boring Job Search) and came across more of the following “compressed description” jobs where the title no longer means what it says. An example of such a job I found today is in the image. Click it and read the description, then come back to this post.

When you see the title, “Service Greeter” and it’s at an auto service place, you would assume it’s like an appointment taker or reception position. It probably was a long time ago, judging from the line “welcoming and checking clients and their vehicles into the dealership”. It now has expanded to include the following, quoted:

  • “performing a quick walk-around of their vehicle,”
  • “moving vehicles in and out of our service drive,”
  • “running vehicles through our car wash.”

This is speculation, but there was probably once a separate junior service position that did this a long time ago.

That was the past. The position is now a jack-of-all trades where the candidate would be asked to do a lot of things that used to be handled by two if not three people. While the only positive I see is that a benefits package is included as part of the position — benefits are becoming an endangered species in this Age Of Austerity and the jobless recovery — I would be interested in learning if the “competitive hourly wage” rose in direct proportion to the number of tasks added in the description as a result of the rightsizing.

I’d apply for the sake of answering that question, but I don’t have a driver’s license.

Thanks for reading.