The Ties That Unbind

My mood after reading yet another berating Email from “Riley” and the last bit of correspondence I’ll ever accept from that person again.

Over a week ago I had to go to the ER because of a medical issue.  (I’m okay, but I’ll talk more about that in the next blog post). This prevented me from seeing my mother to help dust and vacuum, but now I had to explain to her and someone who I will call “Riley” why I did not show up as scheduled.

Because I cannot afford a phone, I could not call anyone until after I got to the nearest WiFi hotspot and fire up Skype. This finally happened after a stay of nearly 4 hours.

I felt it was best to explain the truth to my mother to ensure she did not think I forgot or played hooky, yet at the same time reassure her I was fine and apologise for what happened.

Riley was a different story. Riley and I have been at odds since my unemployment situation began and I suspect Riley believes I’m lazy and not looking for work. We argued about the cell phone being cancelled because it was inconvenient for Riley to use Email who insisted that I simply had to continue it, money or no, as this text message showed.

Text Example

Some of our Email arguments got to the point where I had to put Riley on block for a week, two weeks, or longer. I was just tired of the abuse and being treated like I was the one causing all the trouble.

I explained to Riley what happened. Not one note of concern or worry. Just a directive not to tell my mother that I was in ER. Well, okay, how else was I going to explain not showing up, least of all without calling? Lie? Absolutely not! My mother is my medical contact on all my correspondence in case something happens to me. On top of that, she can smell a lying son before he got off the bus to see her. I was going to tell the truth and that’s exactly what I did.

Once Riley found out, I received the following Email, and it was a slap in the face.


No recognition that what happened to me could have been cancer, a stroke, or Alzheimer Disease. No inquiry of how I was doing or what the results were from the CT scan I had done. It was all about Riley and how David was once again making everyone’s life a hassle for — wait for it — being unemployed and homeless.

I was horrified by the response sent from Riley’s no-doubt expensive iPhone. Cold. Brutally insensitive. Not something you would say to a brother and it was the last straw for me. I may be down and out but I’m not going to be treated this way any more. Not even by family.

I replied back to that Email that I was going to stop having my mail sent to Riley’s house over the next few months and Riley won’t have to be ashamed of me any more.

Pardon my language, but go to hell, Riley. I deserve much better than being treated so badly to the point I want to apply for a C-14.

Thanks for reading.


UPDATE November 20th, 2016: Riley posted a comment to this blog post, which in itself is not a surprise. The surprise was that Riley did it using a full real name.

When I wrote this blog post, it was to showcase what homelessness and unemployment does to society, in specific how it tears families apart and it is no secret it has done irreparable damage to mine. Having said this, I chose never to reveal the name of the person or people when I bring things like this up for two reasons. The first was that Riley is a public person with a very visible profile that intersects with those from all aspects of the Region of Waterloo. The last thing I want to see happen is someone doing a Google search on Riley’s name and seeing a public catfight on a blog that could damage the reputation Riley has with these people I mentioned. The second is that I don’t want this blog to be turned into the public catfight I mentioned before. This is not an attack blog. This is a blog about me and my struggles with part-time homelessness and unemployment that I hope will educate you about the Age of Austerity and the Jobless Recovery we now live in.

Riley has the right to post a reply with the true name in the clear on another blog, or make response videos on YouTube where I have my now-discontinued “David Needs A Job” series. It’s just not going to happen here.

I originally had a reply made here but I have decided not to carry out that action. I also believe that it’s high time to have a conversation with my entire family about the way they are handling my unemployment and lack of stable housing. If we cannot find a common ground to work from without bickering and fighting, then I believe we both should go our separate ways in life.



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