No Sense Of Belonging

I’m apparently not allowed to be at my own place during a property showing, and neither are the rest of the tenants who live there.

For the past few days, we tenants have been getting notices from the Re/Max realtor assigned to selling the building I’m in. Each notice states specific times for the house showing, but never at the same times.

What is common with all the notices is the directive. “Prefer that we are not to be present”.

I find that curious since I LIVE here.

To add to the bizarreness of this directive, the realtor also gets to see the inside of our rooms. While we’re not supposed to be around.

Before I leave for a temp job or go to the library for my morning job search, my knapsack has been full of things I can’t risk having stolen.

Since these viewings are almost daily, this has proven to be a damned inconvenience. I can’t do laundry during these times. I can’t clean my place or tend to my sty on my right eyelid. I can’t even go home to shower and rest after a Kijiji or Craigslist gig ends in the afternoon during these viewing times.

I have to stay away, even if I have no idea where to go. Why?

I’ll admit what I think the reason why the tenants are asked to not be around is more speculation than fact, so take what you read next as my personal opinion.

Having said this, it’s plausible enough for consideration.

The place I live in is a low-income group home. You’re not going to see rich people with stable jobs and generous benefits living here. You’re going to see people, like myself, struggling to make do in this Age of Austerity and the Jobless Recovery.

Some of us have personal issues. All of us are not exactly where we really want to be in life. The realtor probably realizes this, and has some misgivings of having us around during a showing and has decided maybe if we were not around to sully the scenery, the house will have a better chance of finding a buyer.

Think about it. A structure, a thing, is being given special treatment over people with rights and feelings. These same people are being regarded as something that needs to be hidden, in the same way a water stain or warped floor would be.

Harsh? Yes, but it’s about real estate after all, and people’s rights and feelings don’t matter when making money is involved. The Region of Waterloo’s house market is on fire as of this post, and everyone is trying to make as much money as they can.

Everyone, except for those who live there, and are being asked to stay away from their own homes.

Thanks for reading!



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