Month: January 2018

For The Little Guy, Them’s The Breaks

Tim Hortons Image
A double-double with no benefits or breaks, please. Image from the linked story’s home page.

If this story is indeed true — and I have reason to believe it is — the fallout from the folly of the Ontario government’s decision to proceed with increasing the minimum wage has begun.

Employees at an Ontario Tim Hortons in Cobourg, Ontario claim they have been told to sign a document acknowledging they are losing paid breaks and paid benefits as a result of the province’s minimum wage hike.

I’m against the idea of raising the minimum wage too quickly and too soon and wrote a post stating my reasons why, yet when I hear stories like this, I’m not sure who should I be angry with.

Should I be angry with the Ontario government for not listening to the concerns of businesses — the generators of jobs — to balance the increase against the need for businesses to make a (reasonable) profit, and instead ram the labour law change right over them?

Or should I be angry at those same businesses for using the labour law change as an excuse to promote a “take-it-or-leave-it” style of employee management? This document signing smacks of employer bullying.

No matter what party I’m angry with, one thing I’m sure of is that it will be those caught in the middle who will be hurt — those who are already doing their damned utmost to keep financially afloat in this Age Of Austerity and the Jobless Recovery.

These people have just moved closer to experiencing more workplace abuse if not outright unemployment.

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