Month: January 2020

There’s Us, Them, And Then There’s The Other, Revisited.

In 2017, Grand River Transit here in the Region of Waterloo nearly went on strike, but a tentative agreement was reached at the last minute.

Negotiations this time around didn’t go as well: the union went on strike January 21st, 2020 for 11 days.

While the LRT was still running (it’s not operated by Grand River Transit), the strike has impacted me greatly. For gigs that are within range of the LRT stations, I had to walk up to 30 minutes. To get home, I had to walk 40 minutes from one station. My job search has to target only those businesses near the LRT in case I’m called in for an interview.

This is why I once pinned a blog post describing what happened back then, and the impact of what would have happened if the strike did happen.

It’s also why I made this comic to remind once again there’s a third party in any strike involving essential services that gets hurt the most, and always loses even after the strike is over.

Thanks for reading!